Course Description

A key to achieving sustainable improvement is a strong design driven by a sense of common purpose. Whether your goal is to ensure equitable access to high quality education, reduce deaths from the opioid epidemic, or improve the appropriate use of antibiotics, the Shift Improvement Design Intensive will guide your team through the key elements in designing and running your improvement initiative or network.

This course is ideal for teams who:

  • Are in the process of designing or re-designing an improvement initiative or network.

    The methods can be used for any content focus. We will provide relevant examples design for education, health, and other social sector topic areas to help your team apply these concepts to your area of work.

  • Value an inclusive design that bridges stakeholders towards a common purpose.

    We strongly recommend attending this retreat as a team. Your design will be stronger if it captures more of the expertise and perspective of multi-disciplinary team members! We recommend at least 3 team members and can arrange for more than 6 team members if needed.

  • Seek individualized support in adapting improvement methods and tools to their context.

    We will help you design a plan to build improvement capability in your community. Our coaches have decades of experience teaching improvement methods, facilitating networks, and managing complex improvement projects.

What will you learn and do?

The Improvement Design Intensive is a team-based retreat. We believe that incorporating a variety of voices, viewpoints, and lived experiences of community stakeholders in design is critical to long-term success by establishing the right aims from the beginning and creating shared ownership.
We will guide your team through the design elements of an improvement network or initiative and provide protected time for you to roll up your sleeves and work together. Your team will work with an improvement coach to accelerate your design process and avoid common pitfalls. You will also network with and learn from the other teams that are participating!
Your team will leave with a draft charter that you can share with your wider community for feedback or use as a starting place as a proposal to potential funders.

Through the process of creating a charter, your team will:

  • Define a clear and compelling aim for your improvement initiative

  • Create a strategy to engage your clients and community members in your work

  • Capture the collective intelligence of your team to create a conceptual framework for how to accomplish that aim

  • Build a balanced set of practical measures to track progress towards your aims

  • Determine how to work effectively as a team on the execution of the initiative

  • Prioritize the changes to be adapted and implemented by teams participating in your improvement initiative

  • Design a learning structure to enable teams to engage with and learn from each other

The size of this session is intentionally limited to about 30 participants to provide more individualized coaching to each team. Some prior knowledge or experience with improvement methods is recommended. Please let us know if this is a concern for your team and we may be able to provide some recommendations to get started.

Application Process

Following enrollment, we will ask that each team fill out the brief application so we can learn more about your team and your goals. The information that you provide in this brief application will help us plan to give you the best experience as well as ensure that this retreat is the right fit for your team at this time.


  • Who should join this course?

    The Inclusive Design Intensive is a team-based workshop on the key elements in designing and running your improvement initiative or network. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of improvement prior to attending this course.

  • What is the cost to participate?

    Registration for this session is $3,000 per person. Teams of 4 or more participants can receive 10% off their registration fee. If you intend to register a team of 4 or more people, please contact us for a coupon code. Additionally, we can explore needs-based pricing on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    Teams of 4 or more are eligible for a 10% discount on the program cost. There is additional cost savings associated with registration for the Network Launch Package which includes both Improvement Methods for Equity and the Inclusive Design Intensive.

  • What's the difference between Improvement Methods for Equity and the Inclusive Design Intensive?

    Improvement Methods for Equity (IM4E) is a prerequisite for the Inclusive Design Intensive (IDI). In IM4E, individuals or teams will learn the fundamentals of improvement and how they can be applied in service of advancing equitable outcomes. Participants will apply their learning to a Shift case study. The Inclusive Design Intensive is a team-based workshop on the key elements in designing and running your improvement initiative or network.


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